plug & pray

performance / interactive
Google Image search, customized pray interface, video projector
pray interface (2nd Version) made with gloves and a computermouse (photo: Jara Lopez)

„You shall not make for yourself an idol...“

...just google it.

plug & pray creates a contemporary image of God based on searching Google Images for the word “God” in the form of an interactive installation. A key component of plug & pray is a computer connected to the Internet. Custom software is hooked up to Google Image search. Before the search process can be activated, participants must put on two gloves, which are connected to the computer via USB. The Google search for God is activated by bringing the hands together as if to pray, triggered through metal contact points in the palms of the gloves. The image results are projected on a wall, accompanied by choral singing coming from speakers. plug & pray has been presented at the Ökumenischer Kirchentag in the Allerheiligen - Hofkirche in Munich in 2010. This was followed by exhibitions in churches around Germany, such as the exhibition “48 hours Neukölln“ held in the Magdalenenkirche, Berlin, and an exhibition in the gallery Liebig12 as part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2014.