Pay No Attention To The Webcam Behind The Curtain

mixed media / interactive
webcam, computer, Darknet server, latex curtain, network printer
9 out of over 150 Darknet selfies, Kongress der Möglichkeiten, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin, 2015

An experimental arrangement that plays with the temptation and desire of self-presentation of the audience: Whoever lifts the curtain to take a selfie also acknowledges and agrees that an image of their face will be taken and automatically uploaded to a server and posted on a webpage on the darknet. The selfies are printed out by a network printer hanging from the ceiling and spread throughout the gallery space.
(In cooperation with Marcel Karnapke)

onion web address where selfies are exposed: http://a6xw3kz6gmhlwzsy.onion
(only accessible through Tor browser. Possibly obsolete already)