Studie: RAUM

laptop, audio feedback, light mixing board, flourescent tubes

A soundless and looped video of a person that breathes is played by a program on a computer. The individual video frames are synchronized with the volume control of the microphone input and the brightness level of the neon lights in the installation space.

this means:

when the person in the video is inhaling, the neon lights are getting brighter and the microphone input is increasing. By exhalation, it will get dark in the room and the sound disappears. Between loudspeaker and microphone, who are both connected to the computer, an audio feedback evolves in space. Hence, the sound source is not coming from the video. It is not static or set up, but comes from the space itself and is slightly modified by an amplitude modulation, which in turn is synchronized with the video. The sounds of the environment, such as the humming of the neon lights and the sounds of people in the room, get into the system through the microphone and become audible and visual at the moment the system breathes in. Thus the system becomes a part of the room. It inhalates the room and establishes a symbiosis.